• We are doing projects from idea till implementation
    in last 25 years
  • Project documentation and studies
    for obtaining concessions
  • Documentation for EU funds
  • Construction project documentation

We were working on more than 620 investment projects!

Description of the services listed above:

  • Preparation of application documentation and annexes for Croatia and EU tenders and local - regional - state projects
  • Making feasibility studies, marketing plans and other necessary economic studies
  • Designing architectural, construction, electrical and mechanical projects, obtaining location and building permits
  • Professional affairs of the protection and preservation of cultural goods, namely the design of reconstruction of protected buildings with the status of cultural heritage
  • Surveying geodetic work: Parceling elaboration for partition or joining of cadastral parcels, Geodetic study for the record and actual position of the building, Geodetic project, Parcel proposal, Geodetic situational draft of the real state, Geodetic footage of constructed state of illegally constructed buildings, Elaboration of demolitions, Dron Recorder, Geodata Recording with Georadar, Recording with 3D Laser Scanner
  • Professional construction work: Architectural footage of the state of illicitly constructed buildings, Professional Construction Supervision
  • Judicial Expertise on Construction, Geodetic and Agricultural Professionals
  • Urbanism activities, drafting of City plans, and their amendments
  • Development of environmental protection studies, municipal waste disposal projects
  • Development of energy certificates and studies and technical documentation required for application to the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning Contest, related to the energy reconstruction of public facilities and the application services for the mentioned tender
  • Project management activities, project management implementation of projects co-financed by the EU, the Republic of Croatia and other funds in accordance with their rules
  • On-line submission of applications for rural development projects for family farms (Farms, cooperatives, crafts and legal entities) through Agronet
  • Drafting documentation for small and medium-sized and large entrepreneurs for Croatia and EU tenders and local-regional-state projects